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Safer Internet Day 2022: Parents, protect your children online!

G DATA CyberDefense provides security tips on international day of action
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In the analog world, parents protect their children from dangers as a matter of course: Up to a certain age, they take their them by the hand when crossing the street or only let them into the water with water wings and under supervision. The same applies digitally: young people are exposed to countless risks such as inappropriate content and first have to learn how to navigate the Internet responsibly. To mark Safer Internet Day under the motto "Together for a better internet" on February 8, 2022, G DATA is giving parents tips on how to strengthen their children's digital skills and protect them from cyber dangers.

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What seems like second nature in the analog world should not be neglected by parents in the digital world: Young people need help as well as trust when surfing. Instead of prohibiting the use of mobile devices altogether, which tends to make them even more appealing, clear agreements regarding their use are important. After all, children are particularly vulnerable and parents are important role models who should also accompany their children’s first steps in the online world. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2022 on February 8, G DATA CyberDefense provides security tips that directly ensure more online safety.

Parents with high IT security skills protect their children better on the internet

This is also shown by the current study "Cybersicherheit in Zahlen" (Cyber Security in Figures) by G DATA CyberDefense, Statista and brand eins: Parents with greater IT security skills implement additional protection at home because of their children (around 78 percent). The fact is: even with little knowledge in the area of IT security, parents help their children to be safer and better protected on the Internet with simple measures.

"As soon as children and young people venture out on the Internet on their own, digital skills and a "basic knowledge" of IT security are a must", says Tim Berghoff, Security Evangelist, G DATA CyberDefense. "For parents, it is advisable to talk about any dangers openly right from the start and to implement basic IT security measures together with their kids, such as deactivating location services in the app permission settings and creating secure passwords."

G DATA gives parents tips for more online security for their children

  • Set up a dedicated account: Regardless of whether it's a smartphone or a PC, a separate profile for the child helps to adjust the security and privacy settings to suit the child's age.
  • Openly address dangers: Parents should talk to their children about content and situations that they can easily share with friends and family. At the same time, it is important to explain why photos, phone numbers and addresses should not be published.
  • Check app permissions: Parents should maintain full control over which apps their sons and daughters install and what permissions come with their use. A password for the Apple Store provides the necessary control.
  • Make settings together: Basic settings can be configured together with the child so that he or she gradually learns what to consider when setting up apps.
  • Make clear agreements: Parents should make agreements for the duration of use. With the help of technical measures, they can ensure that the device switches off after a certain period, for example with the Google Family Link app.
  • Safe surfing: Security software protects Internet-capable devices from malware, such as Trojans, and provides a basic foundation for more protection when surfing.

What is Safer Internet Day?
Every year at the beginning of February, Safer Internet Day (SID) campaigns for more online safety, especially among children and young people. Anyone can participate in the international day of action, whether an institution, foundation, company, association or private individual. Click here to go to the international Safer Internet Day site: www.saferinternetday.org/de/.

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