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NEW 31.05.2023 Press Releases

New attack methods: cyber criminals are exploiting UEFI vulnerabilities and abusing Microsoft file formats

G DATA threat report shows that the IT security situation remains tense
The number of averted IT attacks is plateauing at a high level. This is reflected in the current threat report from G DATA CyberDefense. Numerous vulnerabilities that cyber criminals are consistently exploiting give cause for concern. For example, UEFI bootkits deactivate security functions and make systems vulnerable to attack. Another of the attackers’ ploys is manipulated OneNote and Publisher files that contain malware.

NEW 09.03.2023 Press Releases

Attacks every few seconds: Around 100 malware variants per minute threaten IT security

G DATA threat report: Attackers rely on phishing and malvertising
Security experts at G DATA CyberDefense identified around 50 million different malware programs in 2022. This is twice the number for 2021, according to the new threat report from G DATA CyberDefense. In addition to phishing, attackers are increasingly using malvertising, i.e. malicious advertising, and search engine poisoning to spread malicious code. In addition, the number of averted cyber attacks rose sharply again in the fourth quarter of 2022.

NEW 28.02.2023 Press Releases

G DATA Mobile Security Report: Attacks on smartphones every minute

Cyber criminals infiltrate mobile phones using familiar methods
Smartphone owners with Android devices are exposed to a high level of cyber risk. The number of attacks is decreasing, but the quality of the attacks is clearly improving. Two new malicious apps per minute threatened Android users last year, and there is no end in sight. Stalkerware also remains a major problem – this is spyware that private individuals use to track victims at every turn.
NEW 23.02.2023 Press Releases

FTAPI entrusts data security to G DATA CyberDefense

Munich-based software company expands its Secure Data Workflow platform with a premium AV scanner

Exchanging data digitally via platforms or by email is standard today. In companies or public authorities alike, files - including highly sensitive ones - are sent everywhere. In order to provide data, information and systems with even better protection against cyber threats, FTAPI is now collaborating with G DATA CyberDefense, adding the option of integrating a premium antivirus scanner into its Secure Data Workflow platform. This means that the Munich-based software company not only enables the simple encryption of files and prevents the unintentional outflow of information, but also efficiently protects systems and entire IT infrastructures from malicious code.

NEW 14.02.2023 Press Releases

G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service scans files for malware quickly and easily

Cyber defence provider moves virus scanning from the endpoint to the cloud

G DATA is expanding its cyber defence portfolio. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service (VaaS for short), a cloud-based virus protection system, enables customers to check any file for malicious content. The file scan no longer takes place on the endpoint, but in the cloud. The benefit for companies is that they do not have to invest in additional hardware or software. The service is hosted either locally or via German cloud company IONOS. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service is lean, fast and easily scalable - from a single file to millions of data sets. The service can be individually customised and easily integrated into applications, websites and services.

NEW 02.02.2023 Press Releases
Logo Safer Internet Day 2023

Safer Internet Day 2023: Children need time and content limits online

G DATA CyberDefense provides security tips on the international day of action.
"Together for a better internet" is the motto of Safer Internet Day on February 7, 2023, which promotes greater safety online. Children and young people in particular are exposed to countless dangers online, such as problematic content or fake apps. Therefore, limits on internet usage are just as important for youngsters as offline rules. On this occasion G DATA CyberDefense gives parents security tips on how to make their children more aware of online security and where limits are important.

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