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NEW 05.09.2022 Press Releases

G DATA threat report: Significant increase in Linux ransomware

Number of averted cyber attacks increases by more than 27 percent following the start of the war in Ukraine
There was a significant increase in Linux ransomware in the first half of 2022 - this is reflected in the new threat report by G DATA CyberDefense. Companies and private users alike are being targeted by cyber criminals. The IT security experts also registered an increase in cyber attacks generally following the start of the war in Ukraine. The Malware Top 10 is headed by the remote access Trojan DC-RAT.

NEW 24.08.2022 Press Releases

G DATA Mobile Security Report: Conflict in Ukraine causes decline in malicious Android apps

Smartphones with old Android versions remain a security risk

The number of malicious apps for Android devices decreased significantly in the first half of the year. Around 700,000 new apps with malicious code - 47.9 percent fewer than in the first half of 2021 - were counted by experts* from G DATA CyberDefense in the first half of 2022. Smartphones with outdated Android versions that no longer receive security updates continue to be a problem.

NEW 07.03.2022 Press Releases
G DATA Business Owner Daniel Buch

Safe and private surfing with G DATA VPN

Bochum-based cyber defence company expands product portfolio

With G DATA VPN, Bochum-based IT security company G DATA CyberDefense has introduced a new solution for securing Internet traffic. Customers can benefit from the company's decades of experience, the no-backdoor guarantee and quality “Made in Germany”. Up to ten devices can be secured for one year with one licence, at the introductory price of 39.95 euros.

NEW 22.02.2022 Press Releases

G DATA Mobile Security Report: more than 2.5 million new malware apps for Android devices

Popular lines of attack are app stores and phishing via SMS

Experts at G DATA CyberDefense counted more than 2.5 million malware apps for Android devices in 2021. According to the G DATA Mobile Security Report, the number of averted attack attempts has also increased by 21 percent within a year. Popular methods for infiltrating smartphones with malware are currently app stores, SMS phishing and manipulation at a repair service provider.

NEW 07.02.2022 Press Releases
Safer Internet Day 2022 Logo

Safer Internet Day 2022: Parents, protect your children online!

G DATA CyberDefense provides security tips on international day of action

In the analog world, parents protect their children from dangers as a matter of course: Up to a certain age, they take their them by the hand when crossing the street or only let them into the water with water wings and under supervision. The same applies digitally: young people are exposed to countless risks such as inappropriate content and first have to learn how to navigate the Internet responsibly. To mark Safer Internet Day under the motto "Together for a better internet" on February 8, 2022, G DATA is giving parents tips on how to strengthen their children's digital skills and protect them from cyber dangers.

NEW 01.02.2022 Press Releases
G DATA Security Evangelist Tim Berghoff

G DATA threat report: cyber attacks increase by 25 percent

Cyber defence experts identify a total of more than 23 million different malware samples for 2021

The current G DATA threat report again records a renewed strong increase in averted attack attempts on companies and private users. From the third to the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of attempted attacks increased by 25 percent. The return of Emotet and major security vulnerabilities in internet-facing systems services are just the tip of the iceberg.

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