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FTAPI entrusts data security to G DATA CyberDefense

Munich-based software company expands its Secure Data Workflow platform with a premium AV scanner
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Exchanging data digitally via platforms or by email is standard today. In companies or public authorities alike, files - including highly sensitive ones - are sent everywhere. In order to provide data, information and systems with even better protection against cyber threats, FTAPI is now collaborating with G DATA CyberDefense, adding the option of integrating a premium antivirus scanner into its Secure Data Workflow platform. This means that the Munich-based software company not only enables the simple encryption of files and prevents the unintentional outflow of information, but also efficiently protects systems and entire IT infrastructures from malicious code.

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When exchanging and transferring files, users must be able to rely on the security of the process. The risk of falling victim to a cyber attack is very high and no one wants to be caught unaware by malware or the leakage of files. FTAPI therefore now relies on cyber defence made in Germany and with G DATA, has integrated a premium AV scanner into its platform. With this integration, files are checked for malicious content, and the infiltration of dangerous malware into the IT infrastructure of companies and authorities is prevented. The Munich-based software company hosts the protection itself via its own infrastructure, which is operated in an ISO 27001-certified high security data centre in Germany.

“With G DATA, we have a reliable partner to effectively protect our customers and their data against cyber crime. Through this collaboration, we are adding another component to IT security in order to protect data from unauthorised access and, at the same time, make it more difficult to attack systems and infrastructures,” says Kornelius Brunner, Chief Product Officer at FTAPI.

“We are delighted to support FTAPI with data security. As a German company, we stand for trustworthy and unrestricted IT security without compromise. We offer customers the best possible security so that they can fully concentrate on their core business,” says Thomas Siebert, Director Security Solutions at G DATA CyberDefense.

Advantages for customers
Customers can rely on all-round protection for their data. The newly integrated Premium AV Scanner from G DATA scans files for malicious code in FTAPI's Secure Data Workflow platform during upload and delivers a reliable result in real time. This efficiently prevents the infiltration of dangerous malware into the IT infrastructure of customers. In addition, further measures such as two-factor authentication, fine-grained permission management or single sign-on make digital communication even more secure.

For users, the cloud operation of G DATA's Premium AV Scanner has another decisive advantage – the amount of data being checked is no factor. It does not matter whether you scan  single file or an abundance of data. The service can be scaled flexibly and thus also check large files or archives for malware in milliseconds, and can be used independently of the device.

The premium AV scanner from G DATA can now be integrated into every product on the FTAPI Secure Data Workflow platform.

About FTAPI Software GmbH
Munich-based software company FTAPI offers a comprehensive platform for simple and secure data workflows and automation. FTAPI connects people, data and systems, securely, quickly and easily. Since 2010, more than 2,000 companies and more than one million active users have put their trust in the SecuMails, SecuRooms, SecuForms and SecuFlows products. No matter whether it is for sending or receiving data, structured data input, sharing sensitive information or the secure automation of data workflows - with FTAPI's Secure Data Workflow Platform, sensitive data is protected at all times. www.ftapi.com

With holistic cyber defence services, G DATA CyberDefense makes you defensible against cybercrime. The renowned IT security company protects with AI technologies, endpoint protection, security monitoring and offers penetration tests, incident response and awareness training in order to secure companies in the best possible way.

G DATA CyberDefense AG supports its customers in every security situation. From the headquarters in Bochum, more than 550 employees ensure the digital security of companies, critical infrastructures such as hospitals or airports as well as millions of private users. With almost 40 years of expertise in malware analysis, G DATA has become a top player in the cybersecurity world and conducts research and software development exclusively in Germany. This also applies to service and support, which is available around the clock for customers all over the world. G DATA security solutions are available in more than 90 countries and have received numerous awards from independent test institutes.

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