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G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service scans files for malware quickly and easily

Cyber defence provider moves virus scanning from the endpoint to the cloud
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G DATA is expanding its cyber defence portfolio. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service (VaaS for short), a cloud-based virus protection system, enables customers to check any file for malicious content. The file scan no longer takes place on the endpoint, but in the cloud. The benefit for companies is that they do not have to invest in additional hardware or software. The service is hosted either locally or via German cloud company IONOS. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service is lean, fast and easily scalable - from a single file to millions of data sets. The service can be individually customised and easily integrated into applications, websites and services.

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Budget spreadsheets, product information, text - in companies, employees within a department collaborate on projects and therefore also on files that are located in shared directories. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service now ensures that only data that is free of malicious code ends up in the folders and on the servers. The service checks every single file and delivers a result in real time. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solution, G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service can be easily integrated into applications, websites or other services. The solution offers several benefits for companies: the data inventory is free of malware while no additional investments in hardware are required - for example, there is no need to operate an additional server. Plus, no specific knowledge of IT security is required for implementation. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service can either be operated in GDPR-compliant data centres or hosted within the company itself.

“VaaS is compatible with any service, application or website, making it easy and convenient to improve security. Whether there is one data set or a million, our solution scans for malicious code and delivers reliable results in real time,” explains Stefan Hausotte, Head of Threat Intelligence & Infrastructure at G DATA CyberDefense. “No special IT security knowledge is required on the customer side during integration. We put a lot of emphasis on providing companies with a simple solution so that they can work securely.”

How G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service works
G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service checks suspicious files in real time. Customers upload the files to the service. VaaS then compares the sample or the hash value with the G DATA cloud and immediately delivers a check result, or verdict. If there is a match on malicious code, the file  handling depends on the wishes of the company using it. It can be deleted or immediately blocked, for example.

VaaS is hosted by German internet service provider IONOS. The company operates its data centres on the basis of strict German and European data protection regulations. G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service is operated via these resources - assuming the customer does not want to host the solution using their own infrastructure.

Customers can implement G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service directly within their own systems - easily, with little effort and in the form of a number of software development kits using different programming languages, such as Python or Java. Customers can choose whether to use all of the cyber defence provider's award-winning security technologies, or only some of them. The service can be custom-configured. The G DATA technologies used are regularly provided with all necessary updates, to guarantee the highest level of security.

Benefits of G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service:
  • Lean service: The designated interface is easily accessible via a software development kit.
  • Find out quickly if file is malicious: Users receive a real-time result for their uploaded files
  • Flexible payment: Payment per VaaS request or via a subscription model
  • Customisation: G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service can be adapted to meet individual requirements, to make the solution as secure and convenient as possible.
Interested? More information about G DATA Verdict-as-a-Service and the opportunity to test the service free of charge is available here.

With holistic cyber defence services, G DATA CyberDefense makes you defensible against cybercrime. The renowned IT security company protects with AI technologies, endpoint protection, security monitoring and offers penetration tests, incident response and awareness training in order to secure companies in the best possible way.

G DATA CyberDefense AG supports its customers in every security situation. From the headquarters in Bochum, more than 550 employees ensure the digital security of companies, critical infrastructures such as hospitals or airports as well as millions of private users. With almost 40 years of expertise in malware analysis, G DATA has become a top player in the cybersecurity world and conducts research and software development exclusively in Germany. This also applies to service and support, which is available around the clock for customers all over the world. G DATA security solutions are available in more than 90 countries and have received numerous awards from independent test institutes.

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